Iphone gps

Have you been fantasizing about a phone, iPOD or iPhone with a GPS feature? Well if this sounds like you, time to stop fantasizing because it is now a reality! The iPhone was launched in June 2007 and if you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for?! The iPhone can be used as a GPS navigator, but if you have done your research carefully enough you will no that there is no iPhone GPS chip onboard. But don’t worry this is not the end of your world. The phone has the Google Maps feature which could help you find your way around but then you would need to do that on the internet.

So if you were counting on the iPhone GPS to be your savior, what you need to do is get a Bluetooth GPS receiver as the iPhone has Bluetooth, therefore you will be able to navigate the GPS via the Bluetooth. Okay, so once you have gotten that, you are sorted with the hardware part of the problem, but now you need the software. What you will need here is software that will be able to be verbal with the Bluetooth GPS receiver. When this is all done, the software can show you your exact location pin-pointed on a map, and then give you the directions you are looking for.

There have been many rumors since the iPhone was released and even before it had been. Some say that there was a mysterious new icon boarding the touch-screen of the phone, and that was rumored to possibly be an iPhone GPS navigation system. Another rumor (which is now buried) said that GPS manufacturer TomTom was on the verge of creating a add on module for the device. No doubt, this would be a great option, had the rumor been true, but it is all it was, a rumor. So for now, everyone who has hoping to get a add on to the iPhone to allow it its own GPS system, you will just have to keep using your Bluetooth receiver for GPS. Well, that’s just until someone comes up with something to sort this mess out.

You never know, in the near future maybe a GPS navigation will be launched that could easily work with your iPhone, then you wont have to go through this trouble anymore. Only time will tell! But in the meantime, get yourself the hardware and software that will enable you to use the iPhone GPS.


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