Iphone commercial

In the modern world there is an item that is in demand and it is the iphone. Commercial advantages have helped make techno goods popular. The fact that e.g. Apple kept their product such a secret got them more advertising than any iphone commercial. Apple made straight for the red carpet with their iphone. Commercial Number One featured more than thirty actors saying ‘hello’. This ad is known as the ‘Oscar Debut’.

Some of the clips featured for the following high profile personalities:

* Sarah Jessica Parker
* Samuel L Jackson
* Michael J Fox
* Mr Incredible
* Betty Rubble

On this iphone commercial, the consumer first sees the hello medley. Next are the iphone and then the logo of Apple. The name of the product is not mentioned at all. Apple has cultivated a mystique about its name and logo. This is helped immensely by their air of secrecy surrounding technological breakthroughs. There is such a build up of silence before the release of any new product that publicity is free.

Big brand names have long since been aware of the power of a name and a logo. Apple has certainly captured the imagination of the public. It seems that every celebrity has this logo in some form or another. This brand is regarded as something of a maverick. As far as the public is concerned Apple is futuristic and the leader in technology that is accessible to the consumer.

There is not a purse that does not carry an iphone. Commercial images make full advantage of this fact. The whole point of advertising is to generate revenue for a particular brand. The face of advertising is changing. High tech products like iphones are displacing the need for many other items. It is bringing change to technology as well as advertising.

Advertising is no longer a separate issue from the iphone. Commercial value is an interactive medium between the users and many brand names. The means of advertising is a two way communication. No longer is the consumer a passive partner of the advertiser. In fact, the iphone allows the consumer to receive information as well as send out information.

The iphone owner has the technology and the know how to make personal statements. It must be noted that commercialism includes the presentation of products, services as well as concepts. The power of technology promotes creativity. The iphone is a vehicle that engages the consumer twenty four hours a day.


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