Iphone news

Even though one of the greatest phones has been launched by Apple and everyone is grabbing them off the shelves as quickly as they are being put there, there is always some iPhone news to be told! For the most recent quarter, the founded of the great iPhone has posted very impresses numbers relating to their sales. But running even higher than those numbers are expectations and a stock market that is getting noticed by fear of depression. Besides all of this, the investors still managed to send the shares falling. This will not be the first time that Apple has managed to ship the most Macs in one quarter, that being 2.32 million. Here is some more interesting iPhone news:

Even though it has been said that AT&T will be selling iPhone’s to the public from their website, they seem to have changed their mind. they have clearly stated that sales of the iPhone will not take place from their website, therefore those that were hoping to purchase online from them, will not have to go into a retail Apple store to find the nifty device. The reason for this sudden decision has not yet been revealed, as surely you are dying to know why someone would not want the privilege of selling something this popular and in such high demand, from their own website.

Some disappointing iPhone news reports that instead of hundreds of people queuing in line when the iPhone was to be launched, in New York City, the 13th Largest City in the World, there were a mere few people here and there. One line of people anxiously waiting for the iPhone’s appearance consisted of 12 people, while one of the others had only 18. Let us just hope that the people in NYC were absent because they were in other cities, getting their iPhone. That is the only logical explanation for this devastating iPhone news!

In more important iPhone news, those of you that are still waiting to get your hands on this wonderful device, gone are the days when you had to wait 2-4 weeks for delivery of online orders; they now ship within 24 hours! So if you feel that you don’t have the time to go to the store and get one, or you just think you are paying enough for it, why not let it come to you, you can now order online and have your new iPhone the very next day.


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