Iphone tricks

The industry of iphones has developed greatly since the time of its apparition. There are many features that tempt customers to buy this mobile device and for this reason the sales of this product have also become very much developed.

Among the most important features that iphones provide for their users there are the unique tricks that these phones can do for entertaining. The special structure of iphones has been created in such a way so as to make them useful for many types of activities, such as listening to music, taking and viewing pictures in galleries and also watching the tricks that are specific to these Apple models of phones.

There are many iphone tricks available on these phones and the uniqueness of these tricks has even been a very important reason for people to comment iphones in positive or negative ways. Some of these tricks have even been published on the internet on video sites, as their originality has astonished many people so far.

One of the most popular tricks that iphones are famous for is the one with the beer. It is called the beer trick. In this trick the iphone acts just like a glass of beer and if you pretend to drink it by doing the same gesture with the iphone as you do with a glass you will see the beer pouring and the glass emptying. This specific trick is very interesting, as the visual effects of this video are outstanding.

Some people even make appeal to these tricks when telling somebody else about the advantages and the tricks that the iphone can do. For this reason they have become a sort of light motives for iphones in general. Actually, the creators of iphones have thought this would bring their products more and more popularity and so it has.

Another trick available on an iphone is the one with popcorn, in which you actually see the corn seeds popping out into popcorn on the display of the phone. This is also a very appealing trick that many people were surprised of. Actually, the thing that astonishes most people is the natural images that are very close to the real world in colors and in the speed of movement. Among iphone tricks we may also mention the one in which you are actually having a real gallery of music records and you only have to browse with your finger in order to choose the one that you want to listen. The same situation works with pictures too.


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