The iphone has become the trendy accessory of the fashion conscious. It is a particularly attractive piece of technology. It is slim and sleek and very lightweight. The iphone is easy to carry around anywhere. Consumers do not seem to mind the price of the top of the range Apple. Apple is of course the ultimate iphone. Society has become so techno savvy that anything better is snapped up. In fact, brand names like Apple are so advanced they have to compete with themselves.

The iphone is popular because it has a mega size screen. This screen displays videos, pictures and messages. The quality of the super sharp and vivid images are what delighted consumers. The iphone has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. This quad band has Edge and WiFi. Cingular Wireless gives this feature free of charge. They happen to be the only carrier. For those who want to show off their new wireless headset the iphone is equipped for Bluetooth. For many having a wireless headset is not simply a case of having the latest accessory but it is a convenience.

The iphone can be used with the slightest motion. Of course it still has to be manipulated with finger power. At the speed with which technology is changing this may not be the case for very much longer. The big deal for most consumers is without a doubt the touch screen technology. They enjoy not having to key in instructions. Right now, having a virtual keyboard is the most advanced gadget. There are many features presented by an iphone.

It does take some time to work out exactly what the iphone has to offer. An iphone is really a high tech toy with essential functions. This piece of equipment is all engrossing. Everywhere there are people manipulating their iphones. Discovering a new or unknown feature is a cause for excitement. It can be said that an iphone is a challenge to consumers. The level of fascination has been compared to a rubicube that is interactive. Consumers have shown they are more than happy to take the challenge.

There is one issue that has proved to be somewhat controversial. Consumers are disappointed that the iphone does not have a superior battery life. It has about two hundred and fifty hours for standby. Eight hours of talking time is not good enough for consumers. However, on the upside the audio playback is constant and there is six hours of internet video to enjoy.


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