Iphone features

The iphone can only be described as sleek. It has overtaken the cell phone as an essential accessory. This little product is what keeps its users on the edge of cutting technology. The iphone is to be seen at all the best venues and events. It has a multi-touch user interface and a Safari browser. This is perfect for the best experience in web surfing.

However, the iphone does have some glaring gaps in the continuity of technological iphone features. The lack of these is regarded as negative iphone features. This is noticeable as some cell phones are able to carry out the following functions. An iphone must be synced to organize music, there is no stereo Bluetooth support and 3G compatibility as well as memory is not as extensive as expected.

There are some consumers who would regard these missing iphone features as important. There have also been consumers who have criticized call quality not always delivering and a slow data network. However, the demand of consumers for the iphone outweighs the criticisms. The features that have been provided are mostly in excess of what average consumers would use on a daily basis.

It seems unfair to expect so much from a phone. It must be remembered how the cell phone advanced. iphone features will advance even more rapidly. Each generation of iphone will take the consumer further and further on the edge of technological breakthroughs. It is a fact that consumers are fascinated with the iphone. Features that are lacking fuel their imagination.

With such high expectations the manufacturers and designers have to be extremely innovative. The more they give the more the consumer expects. An iphone feature that is important to the consumer is size. The smaller a phone is the more popular it is bound to be. Consumers wait with bated breath to see the dimensions of any new item. No doubt the next generation of iphones will be even more compact.

From the users point of view another iphone feature is the menu. The interface is good to look at. More important it is easy to use. The main functions are shown by a series of easy to spot icons. Welcome iphone features are:

* Safari Web browser
* mail folder
* phone menu
* ipod player
* camera
* calendar
* display setting

The menu provides a fast way of getting around. The touch screen functions as a dial pad, Safari browser, music & video player and keyboard.


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